Words Have Consequences


Salina de la Renta vs. Leila Grey

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Run Time: 15 mins
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Lovely Leila Grey makes her PGWA debut…something she tells us in her opening remarks. And then she tells us a great deal more, all of it highly non-complimentary about her opponent, Salina de la Renta. Indeed, when the camera finally pans over to Saline, she can merely stand their open-mouthed and stunned at the stream of trash talking her adversary has unleashed. And Leila doesn’t stop there, ordering the camera back on her so she can insult de la Renta even more!

The two beauties then get into a war of words that presages the war of actual violence that erupts.

No one has ever mouthed off to Salina like this before, and it empowers Leila. But one thing she hadn’t realized is that her remarks also fired up her opponent. She learns the hard way that words have consequences, and those consequences result in Salina holding back NOTHING!

Leila is tough and gets some offense in, but de la Renta dominates much of the match, taking a special delight in punishing her rival as payback for her mouthiness. The question is, can Salina maintain control until victory is hers, or can Leila turn the tide with a surprise upset? Tune in to this wild one to find out