Hometown Loss


Kasey Fox vs. Jazzmyne Hao

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Run Time: 9 mins
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A Non-Sanctioned Match

Since she won the PGWA Championship last summer, Kasey Fox has seen her career soar into the stratosphere. Winning the gold certainly has given her tremendous momentum, and she has gone from victory to victory ever since.

So she could be forgiven for being unconcerned when she accepted a challenge from Jazmyne Hao, particularly since this match would be fought just a stone’s throw from Kasey’s home of Taylorsville, NC, and as the ‘hometown heroine’, Fox was confident of chalking up another ‘W’ in her win column.

Without a doubt, this match for Alexander County Championship Wrestling is one that Kasey Fox won’t soon forget…but not for any good reason.

Kasey’s no stranger to a rough fight and she and Jazmyne engaged in a good ol’ Southern-style brawl, with tempers flaring, the action spilling out of the ring, and the two girls unleashing all that they had on each other. But what makes this match different from others for Kasey is that in the end, it was Jazmyne’s arm being raised in victory!

Luckily for the Champ, her PGWA belt was not on the line. And negotiations are already taking place with the ACCW for a rematch. But the question now is, will Jazmyne also challenge Kasey for the PGWA belt?