The Final Fury


Kasey Fox vs. Jazmyne Hao

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Run Time: 11 mins
File Size: 322
Video Quality: 720p


Kasey Fox and Jazmyne Hao have a history… ANGRY history. So it should come as no surprise to anyone (well, other than Kasey) when Jazmyne blindsides her before the opening bell, and their scheduled match erupts into a brawl!

But while Kasey may be the epitome of the Southern Belle, she is Southern, and that means when the kid gloves come off, she can roughhouse with the best of them… as Jazmyne quickly discovers.

After a ring-shaking battle, one battered but unbowed woman finally stands triumphant. But then, another surprise: proving that anger can sometimes be cathartic, the loser takes the microphone and, strong enough to swallow her pride, admits to one and all that her rival has earned her respect, and with an embrace, the two wrestlers bring
an end to their war.

This one is packed with the kind of tremendous action you don’t want to miss!