Over the Top


10 Women Over the Top Battle Royal

Run Time: 22 mins
File Size: 293 MB
Video Quality: 480p


Ella! Kayla Kassidy! Nikki Victory! Savannah Sweet! Big Mama Nemesis! Riley Matthews! Salena Dean! Big Boss Anika! Breezy! Haley Shadows!

It’s a decagon of devastating damsels, as ten of the sport’s finest competitors step into one ring to battle for reigning champion Ella’s title belt. Any two of these women facing off in a match would be tremendous…four of them would be riotous… but TEN?!? That’s nothing short of sheer anarchy!

Alliances are forged and then shattered in the span of heartbeats as all ten combatants battle it out for that ten pounds of leather and gold. One by one they’re thrown over the top rope until at last only two are left facing off…and that’s when the real battle starts! And even when it’s all over and one battered woman stands triumphant with the belt… the brawl ain’t over yet!

This is the calamitous contest that you don’t want to miss!