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Nikki Victory vs. Kayla Kassidy

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Kayla Kassidy is back, and she announces she’s on a quest to get the PGWA title. But the road to Champion Kasey Fox starts with going through former PGWA Rookie of the Year Nikki Victory, and Nikki intends to make it a dead end for her!

That however may be easier said than done, as Kayla did not come to play. She doesn’t want to simply beat Nikki… she intends to demolish her so devastatingly, it sends a message of fear to Kasey Fox!

The stakes are set, and the two combatants unleash everything they have upon one another. The ring shakes from the raging action until it can’t even contain it and the battle spills to the floor! Things get wilder still when a male wrestler feuding with Nikki, Joshua, attempts to interfere on Kayla’s behalf, but is narrowly thwarted!

Both women nail each other with some of their most annihilating moves until finally one barely manages to put the other down for the three count. After this bruisingly exhausting battle, it’s amazing that either girl was still able to walk out of the ring on their own!

The PGWA continues to thrill fans with action from some of the most amazing young talent in the sport today!