You Have a Nice Day!


Onyx vs. Jennifer Thomas

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Run Time: 20 mins
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Jennifer Thomas and Onyx have feuded for years, and it’s no exaggeration to say that neither veteran has any use for the other, much less any respect. Going into this GrudgeMatch, both are supremely confident of victory. Right from the start, this is a rousing battle, with both Onyx and Jennifer willingly… perhaps even gleefully…going beyond the rules and all too often turning this into a street brawl, replete with kicks, punches, chokes, and more than a few low blows!

The action swings wildly back and forth between them until finally, Onyx manages to seize control, and she subjects poor Jennifer to a beating the likes of which the blonde’s fans have perhaps never seen her endure! But astonishingly, Jennifer is then able to turn the tide, and the two
beauties battle on!

As both women push themselves to the limits of their endurance, the match finally comes to an end when one wrestler is rendered unconscious. Her victorious rival then happily slaps her opponent from her stupor, and forces the loser to watch her hated foe strike a victory pose over her! As she struts out of the ring, the winner tauntingly says to her adversary, “It was nice to see you again… you have a nice day!”