Not Going to Be a Fair Fight


Allie Parker vs. Violet Payne

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Run Time: 16 mins
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Video Quality: 720p


Allie Parker is back, and she faces another woman making her long-awaited return to the PGWA, Violet Payne!

They both start cautiously, testing one another with various wear-down holds, until finally, the temperature of the match heats up. Allie takes early control of the fight, whipping Violet from pillar to post, and making the brunette her punching bag. But soon enough Payne can turn the tide, and the action gets even rowdier from there!

These two battle it out with everything from Camel Clutches and Keister Bumps to vicious choking and bone-jarring chops! Both and bound and determined to win, and to do whatever it takes to claim the final victory.

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