Kayla Kassidy vs Charlie Kruel


Kayla Kassidy vs. Charlie Kruel

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Run Time: 14 mins
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Kayla Kassidy vs Charlie KruelThese two women are no strangers to one another, having battled each other multiple times before… which means each knows what it takes to beat her opponent! Before the actual wrestling begins, Charlie and Kayla engage in a contest to see who can get the loudest crowd reaction. There’s no doubt that Charlie has the affections of the spectators, and thus earns their cheers, whereas Kayla receives only choruses of boos. Then, in a bid to show that she harbors no ill will toward her adversary, Charlie offers Kayla a packet of Pop-Tarts…but all that gets the blonde is a kick to the face, followed by a flurry of haymaker punches to her skull. And the battle is on!

This quickly spirals from a pro wrestling match into a back alley brawl, as these two unleash everything they have on one another, and both Kayla and Charlie inflict serious punishment (including one woman drawing blood from her rival!). As the color commentator observes, they beat each other half to death in this one! It only ends when one aching and exhausted wrestler nails her adversary with a desperate move, resulting in the loser being left barely conscious in the center of the ring! If you like your women’s wrestling rough and tough, then this is the match for you!