Journey for Destruction


Aria Blake vs. Nadia Sapphire

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Run Time: 16 mins
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Recently, British wrestler Nadia Sapphire contacted the PGWA office and asked for… or rather, demanded… a GrudgeMatch against Aria Blake. The two had never met before, but Nadia was making the trip in from London to the U.S., and she had simply decided that Aria is the one American wrestler she most wanted to beat.

Aria, of course, isn’t one to back down from a challenge, so she agreed to the match. However, once the contest was underway, the blond could be forgiven for thinking she had made a bad mistake!

Both women unleash their sheer raw power on one another, but for much of the match, Nadia punishes the blond as she’s never been punished before! But Aria isn’t one to give up easily, and time and again she struggles back and takes the fight to her rival!

After an arduous and exhausting battle, one beauty snares her opponent in an excruciating hold that threatens to seriously injure the victim, and forces her to swallow her pride and frantically submit! Nadia Sapphire and Aria Blake each make their long-awaited returns to the PGWA
in a battle that neither woman will soon forget… and neither will you!