Revolution Rising: Tag Battle


Breezy & Big Boss Anika vs. Riley Matthews & Jax Stinger

Run Time: 19 mins
File Size: 585 MB
Video Quality: 720p


When this match was first booked, we knew we would need a referee who could handle what could very easily erupt into a melee. And since few women in the sport have been able to handle trouble better than Heather Owens, we knew she’d be perfect to keep law and order in the ring!

And Heather has her work cut out for her, as Breezy and Anika quickly make it plain that they don’t intend to simply beat their opponents…they intend to punish them as agonizingly as possible! Riley and Jax are made to suffer time and again, and yet both buck the odds and battle back, until at last this bruising battle is brought to a 1-2-3 finish!

BONUS: After the match, Riley Matthews is surprised by being announced as the PGWA’s Rookie of the Year, as the crowd chants “You deserve it!” It’s a truly powerful moment you won’t soon forget.