New Respect for Eva


Eva vs. Pippa L’Vinn

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Run Time: 17 mins
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The relationship between Eva and Pippa has always been fraught with tension. Even on those occasions when they found themselves tag teaming together, their relationship was less a partnership and more of an armed truce between them.

Eva has always felt that Pippa hasn’t given her her due. This might well be because when Eva first debuted, L’Vinn was already a well-established star of the ring, so Pippa might not be able to see Eva as anything other than that rookie kid she was, rather than the accomplished veteran she is today.

So Eva has decided to earn Pippa’s respect the hard way… by beating it out of her!

This is Eva at her very best, going toe to toe with the wily L’Vinn and giving Pippa a battle she won’t soon forget. And perhaps it could be said that Pippa pays her opponent her highest compliment, by resorting to illegal tactics to try and turn the tide!

The battle ends with one wrestler driven to her limits and beyond, and forced to submit or risk serious injury. But no matter who won, you’ll come away from this with a new respect for Eva!