Grand Finale Match


Nikki Victory vs. Kylie Rae

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Run Time: 30 mins
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This is it, the headline match of the PGWA/NWF “Revolution Rising” live event!

Nikki Victory (another former PGWA Rookie of the Year!) and Kylie Rae are two of the most talented young athletes in the sport today, and this promises to be a contest not only of skill and determination but also respect, as both wrestlers hold the other in high esteem.

It begins with a handshake and then becomes a veritable master class in grappling, as the two women trade hold after hold, each trying to wear the other down.

But this results in a veritable stalemate and one wrestler grows more and more frustrated until finally she can take it no more, and suddenly this erupts into a ring-shaking battle! Tempers flare and rules are broken as Kylie and Nikki unleash hell on one another!

Finally, one battered and exhausted combatant can claim victory… not to mention earn back the respect of her opponent!