This Will Never End!


Lois Grain vs. Stevie Kixx

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Run Time: 16 mins
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In the aftermath of their first PGWA clash (DD24), Lois Grain and Stevie Kixx meet anew in the ring, and if anything, this battle is even more tremendous than the last one! Lois is confident that her greater height gives her the advantage, but Stevie considers herself the better wrestler, and she repeatedly shows her opponent that being tall doesn’t matter much when you’re writhing in pain on the mat from a head scissors or chokehold.

The personal animosity these two have for one another flares hotter than ever, as they pepper the technical wrestling action with punches and eye rakes!

After a grueling battle, one woman finally leaves her rival semi-conscious on the canvas and ripe for the three count. But while this match may be over, the feud between these two will never end!