Planting the Seeds


Amber O’Neal vs. Krissy Vaine

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Run Time: 10 mins
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Journey back into the PGWA Vault for a classic match!

One of the preeminent women’s tag teams of the 21st Century was Team Blondage. As a duo, Amber O’Neal and Krissy Vaine tore through opponents from coast to coast, proving themselves to be one of the most dominant partnerships in the sport.

But there was a time when neither woman knew one another. Both were young newcomers to the ring, striving to establish themselves as solo wrestlers.

So when the PGWA booked them against each other, both Krissy and Amber went into this match determined to beat the other and advance her own career. As the match progressed, they discovered how close their styles were, which at first led to frustrations, as neither could fully control the other. But at some point, the idea may just have been planted in the minds of both beauties that maybe… just maybe… the two of them might click as a team.

After a rousing battle, one wrestler is driven to submit. But out of this match came a deep respect between the two, which swiftly blossomed into sisterly friendship and formed the basis for their historic partnership!

For the first time, this great match is available for download.

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