Overcoming This Big Challenge


Sarah the Rebel vs. Estrella

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Run Time: 16 mins
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Sarah the Rebel is well known for being a woman who doesn’t back down from a threat, but in this instance, she may have overstepped herself. Perhaps feeling a bit overconfident, she leveled a challenge at the Amazonian Estrella, who stands a full foot taller than the purple-haired hellion.

And while there’s no denying that Sarah’s skills and determination make her a highly effective combatant against virtually any opponent, in this instance, Estrella’s advantages in size and strength may prove too daunting to overcome.

This is an incredibly physical battle, with both women unleashing brutal punishment on one another. As the action rages to its conclusion, both Sarah and Estrella are pushed to their limits of endurance, their bodies battered and exhausted. Each makes multiple attempts to pin the other, only to have her adversary escape defeat at the last possible instant. Finally, one tightens her steel-like legs around the other and squeezes until the victim is made to swallow her pride and tap out, or else her face is KO’d!

This is a tremendous contest that you won’t want to miss!