Rose Gold vs. Judi Hendrix


Rose Gold vs. Judi Hendrix

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Run Time: 15 mins
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Two battlers make their PGWA debuts in this one, and they could not be any more different if they tried.

Rose Gold is rich, vain, cruel… oh, and did we stress the RICH part? Her entire life has been spent looking down on the ‘common people’, and there’s nothing she enjoys more than stepping into the ring and punishing someone who thinks they’re her equal.

Judi Hendrix is a hard-working blue collar gal, a bundle of energy and brimming with optimism. Not surprisingly, the crowd instantly joins Team Judi as she squares off with the pampered princess and her conniving manager, Nathaniel Vanderbilt.

Whatever advantage that Rose has in size and deviousness is more than matched by Judi’s fire and determination, and this is quickly and repeatedly proven as the fast-paced action unfolds. Both women unleash everything they have on the other, until finally the ring can no longer contain the ferocity, and the battle spills out to the floor!

The PGWA has always prided itself on introducing the best in new talent to our fans, and Judi Hendrix and Rose Gold both rank among the best you’ll find today!