NWF Championship Match


Ella vs. Kayla Kassidy

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Run Time: 18 mins
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“Scream Queen” Ella puts her title belt on the line against Kayla, who is determined to do whatever it takes to emerge as the winner.

Of course, first, the match has to officially start. Instead, Kayla attacks Ella from behind during the introductions, and the fight spills out to ringside. There, the challenger delivers a savage beating to the Champ, slamming her repeatedly into ring posts and the ring stairs, and hammering her with flurries of punches. Dragging the semi-conscious Ella back into the ring, Kassidy grabs a steel chair and brutally smashes it down on her victim, leaving the NWF Champion seemingly helpless and unable to continue. But then, astonishingly, Ella is roused and demands that the ref call for the opening bell to officially start the match! Adrenaline and fury coursing through her veins in equal amounts, the champ goes on the attack against her vicious opponent, and now it’s Kayla’s turn to take a brutal beating!

But when the referee is inadvertently struck and left badly stunned, Kayla takes advantage by grabbing the title belt and smashing it down across Ella’s forehead, leaving the champ dazed and splayed upon the canvas. Can the challenger take advantage of this to get the pin and
win the title, or does Ella have one last miracle left to use?