You’ve Got What I Want!


Savannah Sweet vs. Big Mama Nemesis

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Run Time: 13 mins
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When you’re the Champion, you find yourself wearing a target on your back. And now PGWA titleholder Savannah Sweet finds herself targeted by none other than Big Mama, who is herself a former PGWA Champ, and she wants that belt back!

And in the opening minutes of the match, it certainly looks as if that ten pounds of leather and gold would indeed change hands, as Big Mama unleashes a brutal assault on Savannah, battering her from pillar to post, and reduces the Champ to little more than a rag doll in her merciless hands.

But Savannah is no stranger to brawling, and when she finally spots an opening, she unloads on her challenger with everything she has. This becomes a savage battle between the two, until after all of the batterings and bruises, one woman can hold the other down for the three counts and walk out of the ring with the belt securely in her possession!

Don’t miss this tremendous title action from two true champions!