Violent Victory


Nikki Victory vs. Jada Stone

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Run Time: 14 mins
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Jada Stone makes her PGWA debut in what might just be the biggest match yet of her career… challenging Nikki Victory for her NWF Women’s Revolution Championship!

Both wrestlers are two of the best technicians in the sport today, so right from the start, this is a dazzling contest of sterling skills. But additionally, neither Nikki nor Jada are reluctant to get rough, and quickly, this match turns into a full-out brawl! Each combatant holds back nothing, with evil-hearted Nikki seemingly seeking to seriously injure her adversary, while Jada takes the punishment and dishes out more of the same. When the melee is finally over and the dust settles, both young women limp away from the ring battered and bruised, but only one carries that ten pounds of leather and gold!

This is not only a tremendous debut for Jada Stone, but also one of the best matches you’ll see all year, and all in that classic PGWA style!