Tracy Taylor vs. Amy Love


Tracy Taylor vs. Amy Love

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Run Time: 19 mins
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Don’t be distracted by the fact that these are two of the most gorgeous women in wrestling today. The fact is, they are both two outstanding and exceptionally skillful wrestlers. And of course, Tracy is a former PGWA Champion. Amazingly, they’ve never crossed paths before now.

But as they meet for battle here, the result is what many are calling a contender for Match of the Year!

Tracy basks in the support and adoration of the fans, while Amy… who arrogantly styles herself as the ‘Supermodel of Wrestling’… finds the crowd an annoyance, and unworthy of casting their gazes upon her beauty. The blonde uses that disdain as fuel for her fighting, just as the exotic Island Girl draws strength from the fans.

There is tremendous back and forth action in this one, as each battler… well-versed veterans of the ring… unleash everything they have on one another, both determined to win this one no matter what. Each grows increasingly surprised and frustrated to find her rival able to withstand the signature moves of both women, which drives both Amy and Tracy to reach deep into their arsenals.

This one goes down to the wire, with one beauty forced to render her opponent nearly unconscious in order to finally claim the victory!

This is a textbook match for any newcomer who wants to see what REAL Old School wrestling all is about. And you won’t want to miss it!