ThunderKitty vs. Riley Matthews


ThunderKitty vs. Riley Matthews

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Run Time: 16 mins
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Riley Matthews faces a baptism of fire as she steps into the ring with one of the most accomplished veterans in the sport today (and a former PGWA Champion to boot), ThunderKitty.

The young rookie brings energy and determination to the match, but will that be enough to overcome the vet’s experience and savvy?

Well, it turns out…maybe! ThunderKitty seems to underestimate her eager opponent at first, and she pays for that mistake as Riley unleashes all that she has on her. And even when the wily vet gets back into the game, Matthews continues to have her moments, much to Kitty’s consternation!

After some tremendous back and forth action, one battler eschews a pin and instead is determined to make her adversary tap out!

ThunderKitty once more proves in this match that she is always a force to be reckoned with, but Riley Matthews not only demonstrated that she’s a rising star, but she also earned the love and admiration of the PGWA fans!