Receipt for Your Grief


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Lana Austin

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Run Time: 18 mins
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We open with Pippa L’Vinn addressing the fans, discussing the recent tag team match between her and partner Eva against the team of Lana Austin and Scorpion. As fans who saw that match know, tensions flared between Eva and Lana, and as Pippa says, “All hell broke loose,” resulting in Lana stalking out of the ring in a rage in the middle of the match!

As far as L’Vinn is concerned, Lana Austin has caused nothing but grief LadySports because of her attitude and her tantrum, and the veteran intends to deliver a receipt to Ms. Austin the ‘Old School’ way… in the ring!

Anticipating fireworks, we brought in Shelby Beach as the special referee, in the hopes that she could keep things from spiraling out of control.

But if Pippa thought she was going to teach her impudent opponent a thing or two, she quickly learns otherwise, as Lana proves she’s no pushover. What results is a tough, hard-fought contest between the two, with both giving and receiving punishment in equal measure.

Frustrations mount and tempers flare as the two battle on, until finally one woman snares the other in an agonizing hold that inflicts crippling pain, forcing the victim to tap out.

You won’t want to miss this outstanding battle between two fiery competitors!