PGWA Championship Match


Savannah Sweet vs. Riley Matthews

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Run Time: 13 mins
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Savannah Sweet is nearing the one-year anniversary of winning the PGWA belt, and she has successfully defended it time and again. But Riley Matthews claims that was only because Savannah has refused to give her a title match…until now, that is.

Following a tumultuous and controversy-plagued recent GrudgeMatch (#GG04) between the two, Riley demanded a shot at the belt, and was granted one by Commissioner Susan Green. Both young phenoms have sworn to defeat the other and walk away victorious with the belt, anxious to not only claim the ten pounds of leather and gold, but also to prove which battler is superior to the other once and for all!

This is a raucous battle from first bell to last! In the opening minutes, Riley unleashes an onslaught on Savannah that results in several near pinfalls, with the action even spilling out of the ring. But eventually Savannah is able to turn the table, and she batters the challenger with as severe a beating poor Riley has even endured. Nevertheless, the Champ is narrowly thwarted in her efforts to finish off her rival, as Riley pluckily struggles on.

And the action only intensifies from there, as the two punish one another from pillar to post, until finally, following a high-risk aerial move, Riley Matthews is the new PGWA Champion!

The incredible action in this ably demonstrates why both young women have been worthy of the belt, as we bid farewell (at least for now!) to the Sweet Reign, and begin the era of the Neon Dream!