No Limitations On Experience


Shelby Beach vs. Lovely Lila

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Run Time: 16 mins
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Few women in the British wrestling scene are as experienced as Shelby Beach.

Years of ring battles have gained her a virtually unmatched skill level. And in a relative newcomer such as Lila, the lack of so many years in the sport would be a detriment in comparison.

But Lila is unique in that she packs a lifetime’s worth of experience in just a few short years in the sport. The result is that in her, Blonde Bombshell Shelby finds herself facing an adversary who can very nearly match her in talent and skill!

In a mark of their experience, both are too wise to go at one another recklessly. And so, each beauty cannily battles the other with holds designed to not only hurt but also wear down. And hurt and wear down they do.

This is a tremendous match featuring two incredibly talented women, both giving her all to not simply beat the other, but to prove supremacy as a combatant. There are no limits on them!