Nemesis vs. Kaitlyn Marie


Big Mama Nemesis vs. Kaitlyn Marie

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Well, this was not what Big Mama Nemesis had in mind…!

She had signed a contract to wrestle Ella Envy at the PGWA’s “Darlings of the Ring” live event, a wrestler she’s been anxious to test her mettle against. However, Ella had wrestled earlier in the evening as part of an AIWF mixed tag match, and when it came time to face Big Mama, the blonde declared that it was unfair that she had to fight twice in one night.

So instead, she was bringing her best friend, Kaitlyn Marie, to substitute for her.

Although not happy with this turn of events, Big Mama isn’t one to back down from a challenge, so she agreed to wrestle Kaitlyn instead. However, she very quickly perhaps came to regret it!

It’s rare to see Big Mama facing off with an opponent who’s as much of a physical powerhouse as she is. And in Kaitlyn, she meets a rival who is ready… eager, even… to ignore the rulebook and turn any match into a dockyard brawl!

After a bruising back-and-forth contest, Kaitlyn manages to seize the upper hand, and she subjects Big Mama to as brutal a beatdown as she has ever been made to suffer!

With Ella at ringside to cheer her on (and interfere when she can), victory seems within the grasp of Kaitlyn.

But Big Mama isn’t done just yet, and she makes a do or die effort to turn the tide. Does the veteran succeed, or does the newcomer prove victorious? Add this to your collection to discover for yourself!