Kentucky Showdown 1


Robbie Rage vs. Bambi

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Run Time: 10 mins
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A classic from the PGWA Vault!

The time: 1993!
The place: Owensboro, Kentucky!
The event: “The Kentucky Showdown,” the very first live PGWA card!
The ladies: Two of the roughest battlers of the era!

Witness history in the making, as we travel back to 1993 to see action from the first PGWA show ever. And what action it is!

Bambi and Robbie were country scrappers who knew their way around the ring, and that ring becomes a battleground as they unleash everything, they’ve got on one another! They weren’t just fighting to win… pride was also on the line, as each woman was determined to prove herself the better wrestler.

This one is full of slam-bang action that goes right up until the very end, when one girl narrowly manages to finally overcome the other.

If you’re a fan of classic women’s wrestling, or you just enjoy one hell of a good match, they’re you’re going to love this one!