Crossed and Caged


Big Mama Nemesis vs. Nikki Victory

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Run Time: 26 mins
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Fewer wounds cut deeper than betrayal. Nikki Victory carries the spiritual scar of having been turned on by her friend, mentor and partner, Big Mama Nemesis.

When one suffers as Nikki does, the only way to soothe that pain is to return it. And the only place that could possibly contain such fury is the steel cage!

Both battlers enter the cage determined to punish the other, and punish they do. They unleash all of their hatred for one another in a melee that the steel walls can barely restrain! This isn’t simply about winning…it’s about inflicting devastation.

When the end finally comes, it is only after both wrestlers have been pushed beyond their limits, and where even the winner has suffered nearly as much as her rival.

One woman crossed, and merciless vengeance is sought within the cage.

You dare not miss this one!