Big Mama Nemesis vs. Ella Envy


Big Mama Nemesis vs. Ella Envy

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Run Time: 11 mins
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The path to this match took a lot of twists and turns!

First, Ella Envy participated in a wild mixed tag match (#DD31) at the start of the PGWA’s “Darlings of the Ring” live event, and afterward declared that, although she was also booked to face Big Mama, it was unfair that she had to fight twice in one night.

So, Ella brought out her tag partner, Kaitlyn Marie, to wrestle in her place (#DD28).

But it turns out that the contract she signed was binding, and Big Mama is holding her to it, so Ella had no choice but to finally face Nemesis at last. But it turns out she wasn’t going to do it alone…!

As Big Mama comes out to the ring, she is blindsided by Ella and Kaitlyn, who batter the former PGWA Champ and leave her a dazed heap in the ring. Envy goes for what she is certain is an easy pin… only to find that the powerhouse veteran isn’t quite as finished off as expected.

What ensues is a genuine brawl that occasionally veers off into Handicap Match territory, as Elly cannily distracts the ref while her partner Kaitlyn illegally mauls Big Mama! Things look bleak for Nemesis, until finally the referee catches Kaitlyn blinding the brunette with a can of hairspray, and throws her out of the building! With her secret weapon now lost to her, Ella has to face the enraged veteran all by herself.

Let’s just say that what happens next did not go well for one of them….