Mixed Revenge


Kasey Fox & Kevin Phoenix vs. Ella Envy & Pretty Boy Lane


Run Time: 16 mins
File Size: 277 MB
Video Quality: 720p


The PGWA’s “Darlings of the Ring” live event laid claim to a lot of incredible moments, but perhaps the most unexpected was that the very first contest of the night wasn’t even a PGWA match!

This mixed tag team bout was actually sanctioned by the AIWF, who co-hosted the card with the PGWA, and was the culmination of a furious feud between the four combatants.

As announced, the men were only supposed to wrestle one another, and the women each other, but that stipulation was quickly ignored as it was often male versus female within the confines of the squared circle!

AIWF Cruiserweight Champion Pretty Boy Lane is teamed with Ella Envy, while Kevin Phoenix is paired with Kasey Fox. Agreeing to this match was risky for Kasey, as she was already slated to wrestle for the PGWA Championship later that same night, and being involved in this battle put her at risk for exhaustion or injury. But to her credit, she held nothing back, and fought with everything she had here.

Likewise, Ella was booked to face Big Mama Nemesis on this show, but after this melee, she demanded the microphone and angrily announced that it’s unfair that she had to fight twice in the same night, so she had a surprise for Big Mama (see our download #614 for Big Mama’s brawl against Ella’s substitute, Kaitlyn Marie!).

This is a tremendous battle that often threatens to spiral out of control. Kasey and Ella have a lot of angry history between them, and they unleash all of their fury on one another!

The PGWA doesn’t offer many mixed matches, but when we do, they’re real barnburners… and this might just be the wildest of them all!