Against the Grain


Lois Grain vs. Stevie Kixx

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Run Time: 17 mins
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Southern California may not immediately come to mind when one considers the hotbeds of women’s pro wrestling, but these exciting ladies, each making her PGWA debut, will go a long way toward putting SoCal on the wrestling map!

Lois Grain and Stevie Kixx have been feuding for a good long while now, and each was determined to come out of this match with a solid win so as to establish herself in the PGWA.

Both unleashed everything they had against the other, and the result is a tumultuous battle that goes from wild to wilder with every passing minute.

Both combatants are pushed to their physical limits until at long last, one manages to trap the other in a head scissors/toehold combo, pouring every ounce of her remaining power into her hold, until at least her nemesis has no choice but to swallow her pride and submit!

This is tremendous action between two amazing ladies that we predict will each become very popular with PGWA fans! Don’t miss their Lady Sports debuts here!