A Champion Always Wins!


Allie Parker vs. Salina de la Renta

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Run Time: 16 mins
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We’ve all been hoping for quite some time that Allie Parker would come out of retirement… and at last she has! And the former PGWA Champion isn’t just sticking her toe into the wrestling pool, she’s diving right into the deep end by challenging the self-declared ‘Undefeated Champion of the PGWA’, none other than Salina de la Renta!

In her pre-match remarks, Salina makes it plain that she doesn’t see Allie as any sort of a threat, and promises to not only beat her, but make a fool of her. But Parker has heard tough talk plenty of times before, and she isn’t about to let the Lethal Latina rattle her with mere words.

Tempers flare as the two beauties battle, and the match becomes a mélange of outstanding technical wrestling… scissors, chin locks, clutch holds and the like… and vicious back-alley brawling… hairpulling, scratching, and a devastating low blow that drops one beauty to the mat in agony!

One is a former Champion… the other a self-proclaimed Champion… and only one can emerge victorious!