Queens of the Midwest


Alexis Littlefoot vs. Jax Stinger

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Run Time: 14 mins
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Alexis Littlefoot makes her PGWA debut, aiming to put the “Big Flexa” on Jax Stinger.

Jax is the fan favorite by far, but Alexis couldn’t care less what the crowd thinks, instead flaunting her custom ring robe, which cost more than anyone in the stands could ever hope to afford, she’s certain. That arrogance carries over into the match, as Littlefoot does whatever she has
to, including ignoring the rules, to win.

Of course, Jax is no stranger to rough ‘n tumble wrestling, and this match erupts onto the verge of a brawl as the two battle it out!

The ref certainly has her hands full in this one!