Queens of the Midwest


Big Boss Anika vs. Paige Jones

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Run Time: 16 mins
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Russia has sent to America some of wrestling’s most formidable menaces… Ivan Koloff, Boris Malenko, and Lana were among them. Now, ‘Big Boss’ Anika joins their ranks, as she seeks to establish her dominance in the PGWA.

She is challenged by Paige Jones, here making her PGWA debut. And with these two powerhouses, it comes as no surprise that this is a bruising brawl! Anika and Paige slam one another from pillar to post, hammer away with punches, chops and forearms, splash each other in the corners, and shake the ring with their ferocity!

After a wild melee, one battler finally manages to pin the other, but it’s obvious that this feud is just getting started!

Both wrestlers also provide pre and post-match comments. Plus as a bonus, Marti Belle has thoughts about her loss to Riley Matthews!