PGWA Title Match — Kasey Fox vs. Elizabeth


Kasey Fox vs. Savannah Sweet

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This long-awaited match for the PGWA belt finally happened May 27, 2021, in Covington KY.

The complicated booking process finally came together after Kasie Fox could never find time in her schedule to accept the match. Fox had had some medical issues, and it took Sweet’s attorney to contact the PGWA legal counsel to force everyone’s hand and have this title defense take place.

Fox had selected the Appalachian Dream, Judi Rae to take her place in the match. Judi Rae has the confidence to take the title and it was a rough challenge to say the least as Judi was wanting to catch Savannah Sweet with her ‘Dip Can DDT’. Would it ever happen? No, but everything else did… with lots of closed fists, hellacious clotheslines, forearm smashes and more. Neither wrestler followed many rules from the start!

The referee had her hands full trying to count the attempted pins or the submissions. Both women made this a fast paced and crazy match. The announcers asked if the PGWA would have really wanted this ‘redneck hick’ to be the current champion? Well, that answer would have a resounding YES if she would have won!

This match is action packed and something you will want to add to the history of the PGWA Champions for the past 31 years.

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