Debut Determination


Lois Grain vs. Mariah Moreno

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Run Time: 17 mins
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Yet another impressive talent makes her PGWA debut this year, as Mariah Moreno steps between the ropes to face Lois Grain.

The match starts with the pair muscleing one another around the ring. Having tested the mettle of each other, they then erupt into a fast-paced contest of moves and counters. Finally, Mariah gains the upper hand, and switches from technical wrestling to brawling, delivering a blistering beatdown on her opponent.

Things look grim for Grain!

But eventually, Lois is able to turn the tide, and the pair battle on in a veritable stalemate. Exhausted, they both lay panting on the mat, then slowly crawl up to their knees to face one another, where they trade senses-shattering haymaker punches again and again!

Drawing on their last dregs of strength, Mariah and Lois go all out to try to defeat each other, with the match finally coming to an end when one beauty snares her adversary in an agonizing hold, forcing the victim to tap out!

This features tremendous pro action from two terrific talents, and you won’t want to miss it!