Cashing In


Savannah Sweet vs. Riley Matthews

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Run Time: 16 mins
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The history between Savannah Sweet and Riley Matthews is one of rivalry, dislike, and sheer FURY! These two have hated each other from Day One, and as far as Riley is concerned, even more infuriating is the fact that Savannah is currently the PGWA Champion…a belt that Riley herself has long coveted.

As a former PGWA Rookie of the Year, Riley has a guaranteed title shot. She has merely been biding her time, waiting for the most opportune moment to use it. And now, she’s ready to cash it in!

This is a ferocious battle between the two arch-rivals, as each unleashes all that she has on the other. More than just ten pounds of leather and gold is at stake…pride is on the line as well. And given the animosity these two share, it’s no surprise that both are willing to inflict serious punishment on her hated enemy.

Perhaps inevitably, the finish is a controversial one, and certainly doesn’t settle anything between these two young firebrands!