Carolina Clash II


Lady Stardust vs. Cheryl Day

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Run Time: 11 mins
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Set the Wayback Machine for 1994, and the PGWA’s second all-women’s wrestling event!

In this match, we see Lady Stardust, who was very popular in the Southern territories in the early 1990s, facing off against Cheryl Day, the celebrated protege of the legendary Mildred Burke.

Knowing just how dangerous an opponent Cheryl can be, Stardust doesn’t even wait for the bell, and blindsides the veteran to start the match. Day is reeling from the brutal assault, and it looks as if this match is going to end in record time… until Cheryl manages to turn the tide.

Both ladies get their dander up, and this becomes a good ol’ Southern rasslin’ match, with plenty of punches, stomps and slams! Cheryl shows that for all of her technical mastery, she can scrap with the best of them.

But Stardust is also mighty impressive, giving the vet all she can handle, and having Day in serious trouble multiple times during the match.

The answer of who will win remains in doubt right up until the exciting finish!

No true fan of classic women’s wrestling would ever want to miss this one!