Burning Bright


Supa-Nova vs. Loxleigh

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Run Time: 16 mins
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Supa-Nova returns to the PGWA ring to take on fan-favorite Loxleigh!

This is an unusual match for both, as each powerhouse is used to being the largest and strongest woman in the ring, but this time they match one another in sheer raw power. Both thus know that the secret to victory is a test of skills.

Of course, as skillful as they are, this is also a tremendous brawl, as Loxleigh and Supa-Nova throw each other from pillar to post, and the ring shakes from slams and corner splashes! Both women are driven to the limits of their endurance as they brutally pound away
at each other.

And the end only comes when each is suffering from near-total exhaustion.

This is one bruising battle you won’t want to miss!