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Supa-Nova vs. Dominita

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Run Time: 17 mins
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Since first debuting in the PGWA several months ago, Supa-Nova has been a force of nature, using her size and savagery to maul her opponents.

But what happens when she meets an opponent who matches her in size, and perhaps exceeds her in savagery? She finds out when she battles Dominita, making her PGWA debut!

Things don’t go well for Supa-Nova at first, as Dominita lives up to her name and dominates her shocked opponent. But Supa-Nova starts to get some offensive in, and this turns into a contest not only of sheer raw power but skilled technical wrestling… and when that doesn’t work, they resort to the most vicious sort of underhanded blows!

The two powerhouses battle to the point of exhaustion, until one is finally left barely conscious on the canvas, wrecked by her Amazonian adversary!

This is a tremendous match that you just don’t want to miss!