PGWA Scramble


Salena Dean vs.Riley Matthews vs.Elizabeth vs.Big Boss Anika vs.Breezy


Run Time: 15 mins
File Size: 453 MB
Video Quality: 720p


The hunt for championship gold is defined by the ‘Two C’s’… Calculation and Chaos.

First, one must get herself elevated to top contender status, an arduous process that requires not only cunning, but superior skill. However, once a title shot is within your grasp, a contender can find herself swept up in a chaotic development beyond her control.

Such is the case here. Having recently won the NWF’s Revolution Women’s Championship, Salena Dean has decided to fully establish her claim to the belt… not to mention clear the decks of some of her top challengers…by agreeing to a Five-Way Title Match!

The line-up reads like a Who’s Who of Women’s Wrestling: First there is the Champion, Salena Dean…rising young spitfire Rylie Matthews…former PGWA Rookie of the Year Elizabeth…Russian assassin Anika…and the powerhouse, Breezy!

In such a match as this, chaos reigns supreme. Partnerships are forged and then shattered in the span of heartbeats, as all five battlers’ brawl for the honor of emerging with those ten pounds of leather and gold! It’s all the ref can do to keep the action from spiraling completely out of control, but nonetheless it’s a maelstrom of violence that the ring can only barely contain.

Has Salena made a fatal mistake in agreeing to this match, only to see one of her rivals walk away with the crown? Or will Ms. Dean prove herself the calculating mistress of chaos, and retain her title while also eliminating four of her most dangerous threats in a single night? Either way, you won’t want to miss adding this one to your collection, because it’s a doozy!