Former Champion Challenged


Jennifer Thomas vs. Mercedes

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Any experienced wrestler will tell you that the most dangerous opponent is the one which you know nothing about, and thus cannot plan for. Now, former PGWA Champion Jennifer Thomas has been challenged by a masked wrestler known only as Mercedes. Is this woman of mystery a newcomer to the ring? A well-known veteran seeking to hide her identity? A wrestler whom Jennifer has faced in the past? The battling blonde simply doesn’t know, and that puts her at a distinct disadvantage in this match!

One thing that Jennifer learns very quickly is that Mercedes is a brawler! The masked brunette doesn’t hesitate to batter her adversary with closed-fist¬†punches, drag her lovely face across the top rope, or wrap her hands around the blonde’s throat to try and strangle her into defeat! It
becomes obvious that Mercedes has come to educate Thomas on the ways of enduring a beatdown!

But Jen hasn’t been a championship-level combatant for all of these years without knowing how to handle roughhousing tactics, and she takes the fight straight to Mercedes…and takes it HARD!

This is a tremendous contest that you aren’t going to want to miss!