Carolina Clash VI


Debbie Combs vs. LeiLani Kai

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Run Time: 15 mins
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This is it, the main event match of the PGWA’s epic 1994 live event! And it’s impossible to exaggerate the greatness of this match when you have two of the sport’s very best battling it out!

Both wrestlers trained long and hard for this battle, with each determined to defeat the other so indisputably, it would settle any question of which woman was the best once and for all.

The action in this is brutal, and it comes as no surprise that the ring can’t contain the fury, and the two battle it out at ringside. Even after the (controversial!) final bell, Debbie and Leilani aren’t done with each other, and they hammer and slam each other throughout the gym!

The PGWA was founded in 1992 in order to preserve and promote quality ‘Old School’ Women’s Wrestling, and perhaps no match better fulfills our mandate than this one!

Truly, you do not want to miss it!