Carolina Clash III


Robbie Rage vs. Molly Holly

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Run Time: 6 mins
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Fan response to our first two classic ‘Carolina Clash’ matches from 1994 has been tremendous, and if you liked those battles, you’re going to love this one!

Robbie Rage was a well-established wrestler in the territory when she faced Molly McShane at the PGWA’s live event. The redheaded Irish lass was a newcomer to the ring, but was already hailed as a rising star. Robbie was determined to put a halt to her opponent’s rise, and prove that she’s the dominant woman in the ring.

An accomplished technical wrestler, Robbie does well when she abides by the rules… but it just wasn’t in her nature to not cheat, so she also roughs up her adversary with hairpulls, choking and illegal rope use. But Molly was more than just a talented rookie…she was a truly spectacular athlete, and she often has Robbie in trouble with her exciting athletics, including cartwheel elbowsmashes and turnbuckle flips into crossbody drops!

This one goes down to the wire, and you’ll be on the edge of your seat until the very end!