Carolina Clash I


Lisa Handzel vs. Malia Hosaka

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Run Time: 14 mins
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Join us on another journey into the PGWA’s storied past! Here is the opening match from the PGWA’s second all-ladies card, “Carolina Clash”, held in 1994!

Malia Hosaka was already an internationally known star at this point, and the fans are solidly behind her. But if anyone expected her to have little trouble with her opponent, they were quickly shown otherwise, as Lisa Handzel ably demonstrates why her nickname was “The Adjuster”!

Adjectives to describe this encounter simply must include ‘fast-paced’ and ‘action-packed’, as both women unleash everything, they have on one another. You’ll be amazed at the punishment both wrestlers endure as they struggle to overcome the other. And just who will win remains up in the air right until the very end!

The PGWA has been bringing you classic women’s action for nearly three decades now, and this is just another example of the best in historic ladies wrestling!