TNA Knockouts World Championship

Jordynne Grace vs. Tasha Steelz vs. Xia Brookside

Results by Steve Carrier posted on ©Ringside News

Jordynne Grace’s impressive strength proved to be a significant factor,
keeping her opponents off balance. Tasha Steelz, however, displayed her
agility and skill, seizing an opportunity to take out Xia Brookside
after the latter showed some promise early on.

Grace momentarily halted Brookside’s momentum by catching her mid-air during a flying body press, but Steelz quickly turned the tables with a bulldog maneuver, showcasing her own athleticism and tenacity. Despite Steelz’s dominance, Grace demonstrated her power by reversing a suplex attempt.

As the match progressed, Grace unleashed a series of punishing clotheslines and hard chops in the corner, asserting her dominance and showcasing her formidable striking ability.

The match between Jordynne Grace, Xia Brookside, and Tasha Steelz featured a series of innovative and exciting spots that kept the audience engaged throughout. One standout moment occurred when Grace managed to spin both opponents around while trapping them, showcasing her incredible strength and agility.

Another highlight was a unique spot where Grace attempted to set up an STF on Steelz, only to be caught by Brookside in an Octopus hold, demonstrating the creativity and athleticism of all three competitors.

The action intensified as the match progressed, with the competitors taking the battle outside the ring onto the apron. Steelz executed a Codebreaker on Grace, but Brookside quickly retaliated with a body press from the top rope to the floor, resulting in Grace hitting her head on the ramp, adding an extra layer of intensity to the match.

The dynamic shifted when Ash by Elegance, visibly frustrated after her dress was ruined by a spill, left the ringside area, leading to an escalation in the action inside the ring. Grace demonstrated her dominance with a series of powerful moves, including a double knee strike and a Vader Bomb, but Steelz and Brookside fought back valiantly, leading to numerous near falls.

Steelz, bleeding from the nose or mouth, showcased her resilience and skill throughout the match. However, in the end, it was Grace who emerged victorious, delivering her signature Grace Driver to Brookside for the pinfall victory, retaining her TNA Knockouts Championship.