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Perhaps no woman over the course of this past year has had a bigger impact in the PGWA than Kacee Carlisle. Win or lose, her matches have been among the most exciting and game changing as any we've seen in quite a while. She has shown absolute fearlessness in taking on all comers, and she proves that yet again by accepting the challenge of Jenny Jannetty and waging the battle in Jenny's own back yard, as it were.

And while Jannetty may be a newcomer in comparison to her opponent this evening, she's far from helpless; she is, after all, a protegé of the legendary Boogie Woogie Man himself, Handsome Jimmy Valiant! Jenny is also solidly in the good graces of the crowd... a fact that irritates Kacee to no end.

With the clang of the opening bell, Carlisle's first order of business is to instruct the referee in how he should do his job, followed by some jawboning with the Jannetty partisans in the crowd (i.e. the entire crowd). She then finally turns her attention to her adversary, and with a hairpull swiftly establishes the kind of match the kid is in for.

Nearly twenty minutes later, poor Jenny knows she's been in a real battle... but then, so does Kacee! Defying the odds, Jannetty withstands minute after minute of brutal punishment from her more learned foe, refusing to submit or allow herself to be pinned. And then, almost miraculously, the youngster proves she can give just as good as she gets, and suddenly it's the veteran who's in danger!

Ultimately, with exhaustion threatening both wrestlers, one manages to suddenly pluck victory from the jaws of seeming defeat!

Back in the locker room, the winner in interviewed. But you'll be the real winner when you add this match to your collection!

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