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:: DVD T-25 ::


"West Coast Warfare"

Amber vs Trinity

It's PGWA West Coast action, as Southern girl Amber travels to California to face a new opponent for the first time!

Newcomer Trinity is focused but obviously a bit nervous as she stretches before the match, while veteran Amber looks bored and entirely unthreatened by her adversary. And that confidence seems well-paced in the opening minutes of the match, as O’Neal effortlessly controls the action, easily repulsing the rookie’s efforts to turn the tide.

Even when Trinity does manage to take charge, the beautiful blonde is unconcerned, so confident is she in her ability to win this match. However, as the match wears on, it becomes evident that the youngster is a lot tougher than she seemed at first. Even in the face of Amber’s ongoing taunts, fans have to wonder if Trinity might just be able to pull off a victory here.

As the minutes tick by, the intensity of this battle grows and grows. Eventually, O’Neal starts to take her rival seriously; you can tell by the fact that she’s now trying to seriously hurt Trinity, and not just toy with her!

Trinity is one of the most popular new faces in the PGWA, and she goes up against one of the true legends of the PGWA…you know you don’t DARE miss this one!

21 minutes!

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