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LeiLani Kai vs Strawberry Fields


LeiLani vs Strawberry

The raging feud between these two heats up to a whole new level of intensity in this Grudge match!

But this match almost didn't happen... Strawberry forgot her wrestling boots and asked to postpone the match. But LeiLani agreed not to wear her boots either, thereby not gaining an unfair advantage.

But as longtime fans know... Ms Kai does still hold an advantage as she has long experience in fighting barefoot! She knows how to move and handle herself on the mat without boots and unluckily for Ms Fields she also knows how to turn an opponent's bare feet into an Achilles heel!

From the start the Hawaiian focuses on Strawberry's unprotected feet... and this goes beyond merely twisting them... she stomps and bends the toes, chops the ankles and even finger thrusts the soles! Strawberry screams in pain as Kai holds nothing back!

As the match wears on, Strawberry gets her shots in and even fights fire with fire by going after her tormentor's feet! But the "Living Legend" is overcome with an animalistic rage, stalking her foe like a she tiger... trying her hardest to cripple her opponent! "I'll break your damned feet!", shouts the enraged Kai... and she comes perilously close to doing so!

In fact, for days following this brawl both women had severe difficulty walking!

You know anytime 2 veteran brawlers like Kai and Fields step into the ring it's bound to be a slobberknocker...this time they take it to a whole new level of savagery!

32 minutes!

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