LadySports ::: DVD R-1 'A BANNER NIGHT'


Saturday, November 15, 2008
SAW Arena
Millersville, Tennessee

"A Banner Night" saw more than a dozen wrestlers gather to battle in honor of Penny Banner's memory. In addition to the ladies in the ring, we were graced by the presence in the audience of two all-time greats, Debbie Johnson and Candi Divine!

And we were especially proud to have with us Wendi Weaver, the daughter of Penny Banner and NWA legend Johnny Weaver.



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   Stephie is smug as she struts down to the ring, declaring to the fans that she does not need their support, so they may as well just save their cheers. But it wasn't cheers she was getting early in the match, but rather jeers as XTC hits her hard and fast, until the Sassy one flees to the safety of the ropes.
   As the match carries on, Stephie is able to get on the offensive, but XTC shines as well. A fan taunts Stephie by saying she's just "a Traci Brooks wannabe!" After winning the match, Stephie arrogantly declares, "Traci Brooks has nothing on me!"




   This confrontation had been brewing for weeks on the Internet, as both young wrestlers engaged in a war of words and oneupswomanship via e-mail. Before they start, Sarah decides to show off her physical prowess a bit and engages in some in-ring pushups, which earns only scornful laughter from Scarlett. The battle then begins, and both girls unleash a storm of moves from their arsenals, each anxious to beat the other.
   The fight starts to degenerate into a brawl when Sarah is suddenly able to nail her rival with a DDT... and a handful of Scarlett's tights makes certain her shoulders are kept down to the mat for the three count! Back in the locker room, Scarlett vows to get her revenge in the upcoming tag match, in which both she and Sarah are participating.




   Tasha's scheduled opponent wasn't able to make it to the event, so LaLa gamely... some might say foolishly... offered herself up as a replacement. Although the rookie valiantly held her own far longer than most would have expected, it was only a matter of time before Tasha (who came down to the ring wearing her pet snake!) battered and bullied her into defeat. Simone then grabs the microphone and declares herself "disgusted" with the level of talent she has been forced to fight recently, and promises that things are going to change soon!




   A rare 6 woman tag match... but right from the start, there's a problem: when first booked for this two months ago, Sassy Stephie was a rule-abiding wrestler, but since then she has turned heel. However, she's still contractually obligated to partner up with the good girls! What's more, she loses two straight rounds of Rock/Paper/Scissors, and as a result must reluctantly start the match off for her team. She faces Sarah Lynn, but instead of fighting, they instantly bond with one another with a ‘dance-off'! Ultimately, though her heart may belong to the rulebreakers, Stephie is too competitive to pass up a chance to win a match, and she gets down to business.
   The action gets fast and furious as all six women take turns in the ring. Perhaps not surprisingly, Sarah Lynn beats a hasty retreat when Scarlett Rose tags in, not wanting to face the wrath of the Hoosier battler after their earlier battle. But eventually Scarlett gets her hands on Sarah again, and they throw the rulebook out of the ring and get down to a vicious scrap! Finally, climbing to the top rope, Scarlett nails Sarah with a Lariat for the pin, giving the good girls the victory. Backstage, a flushed and furious Sarah Lynn swears that the next time they meet, she's going to end Scarlett's career forever!




   Mia returns to the PGWA ring after six long years, but if she was expecting an easy match, Angel Dust aimed to prove her wrong! The diminutive Angel stuns the Latina with stunners, sleepers, and good old-fashioned strangling, but Martinez ably demonstrates why she was once named as the PGWA's Rookie of the Year, and leaves the tiny blond reeling more than once.
   As the match nears its end, it looks as if Angel Dust might collect the win as she climbs a corner to execute a finisher from above... but then Mia dislodges her, painfully leaving her opponent straddled on the ropes! The brunette then climbs the turnbuckles, wraps an arm around Angel's neck, and delivers her to the canvas with an Aerial Bulldog! The three count is a mere formality after that.




   Coming down to the ring, Josianne seems more interested in preening and mocking the fans than she does in wrestling. Su has a bit of fun by sneaking up behind the unsuspecting French Canadian and shouting "BOO!"... which promptly sends a startled blond scurrying out of the ring. As the battle begins in earnest, each woman targets her rival's best "weapons": Josianne works the Asian's legs, which Su attacks the Canadian's arms.
   At one point, trapped in an armbar and frustrated that she can't make the referee order the hold broken, Josianne wraps her legs around him in a head scissors, hoping that in his distress he'll order both women to cease and desist! Finally, the blond tries to wring a submission with a Boston Crab, but Su is nimbly able to work her way out of it, and she wraps up Josianne for the pinfall!




   The mysterious masked Molotov makes an unannounced appearance, as she takes on the Canadian powerhouse, Jaime D! Heading out to the ring, Jaime takes a detour and walks over to Wendi Weaver, bowing to her in a show of respect to Wendi's mother. The big blond then enters the ring, and with the opening bell, she shows she's not intimidated by redheaded Molotov, going on the offensive against the masked woman. But the tide turns when an over-confident Jaime turns her attention to the crowd, allowing Molotov to unleash her own attack. It looks as if Molotov has the match well in hand, when suddenly Jaime is able to turn it around, nailing her opponent with a brutal Lariat for the cover.



NIKKI ROXX vs TRACY TAYLOR for the PGWA Championship Belt

   Nikki comes out with the new PGWA belt, garbed rather eccentrically in a plaid/leopard spot combo, and her short hair dyed reddish. Tracy wears a suitably tropics-invoking floral print and lei. The two women start out cautiously, feeling each other out with same basic moves. Suddenly, Nikki takes the challenger down to the mat with a headlock, but is startled when Tracy manages to roll her over for a two count. They trade holds again, and when Taylor contains that a wristlock she's being subjected to is illegal, the Champ decides to demonstrate the legality of the hold for the ref... by locking it on his own arm! Suitably advised that the hold is acceptable... and rubbing his now aching shoulder... the official orders the match to resume. Roxx manages to snare her opponent in a backbreaker, forcing Tracy to submit the first fall.
   Humiliated over having been made to tap out, Taylor silently vows to return the favor to the Champ in Round Two. To accomplish this, Tracy augments her skills set with some blatant cheating. Roxx tries to end it all with a cross body but misses, allowing the brunette to set up one of her patented finishers... a combination Indian Deathlock/Standing Surfboard. To add insult to injury, the Hawaiian does a brazen hula dance as she forces the screaming champion to submit.
   With everything riding on this third and final round, both women tear into each other! Nikki seems to be gaining the upper hand, and perhaps a bit over-confidently she drags Taylor to each corner by the hair, slamming her head into each top turnbuckle as she goes. It makes great theater, but it doesn't do much damage to the challenger, and Tracy uses the time to recover a bit. They continue to trade blows, until the brunette nails Roxx hard with a Leg Lariat, then covers her for the three count... and the PGWA has a new Champion!



   An historic night, to be certain. Get the DVD NOW!

Now available on DVD!

DVD just 34.95 plus 5 s & h... (10 s&h overseas)

Order by mail... check, cash or M.O. to Special Events, PO Box 51606, Durham, NC 27717.

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