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  Candy vs Jade

Candy vs Jade

After far too long a time, the PGWA once again journeys to Mexico, 
seeking out the finest in ladies luchadora action!

Candy and Jade have some violent history between them, and 
knowing that this match is going to be seen by fans all around 
the world, neither beauty holds anything back!  Blonde Jade has 
the advantage in size and raw power, but dark-haired Candy 
has speed and agility.  Both, as is quickly demonstrated, have 
tremendous ring skills.

The action erupts right from the very start, and the ring can 
barely contain it!  The two battling beauties inflict all manner of 
punishment on one another, determined to not only win, but 
to make their rival suffer!

After an exhausting brawl, one luchadora traps her opponent 
in an agonizing hold, and forces her to humble herself by 
submitting, or else risk suffering serious injury.

The PGWA returns to Mexico in a big, big way with this one.  

Join us on the trip!

16 minutes! / Just 24.95!

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